Learn to Spot Email Scams

The PhishMarket™ is a security awareness program that uses proven behavior design principles to help protect you in the digital world.

This program is a one-week security awareness sprint designed to test your ability to spot phish.

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How it Works

  • Phish Simulations

    Over the course of one week, we will send you emails that imitate phish and scam emails. All you have to do is report any emails you think we sent you. Did we trick you? No worries! Our emails are a learning tool and are 100% safe.

  • Reporting

    At the end of the program, we will send you the results of the simulation to show your progress and highlight areas for improvement.

Read the article on how we developed this process in the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab Blog

One Week Not Enough?

Our Premium Program Combines Three Weeks of Phish Simulations with Daily Micro-Lessons to Help You Become a Phish Whisperer

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    PhishMarket™ Sprint Premium

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